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Committee Chairs



ACHIEVEMENT WEEK:  Co-Chairmen: Mike Fulton, Tim Smith

Telephone – (336) 399-4065  Email: (Mike)

Telephone - (336) 354-8649  Email: (Tim)

The Achievement Week Committee shall select the Chapter’s Omega Man of the Year, Founders Award, Colonel Charles Young Award and the Citizen of the Year from nominees submitted by each financial brother and submits the elected awardees to the District Achievement Week Committee for district consideration and other District approved awards.


AMENITIES: Chairman Norman Sanders

Telephone – (336)705-0329   Email:

The Amenities Committee shall work with the Retention Committee to visit and provide comfort to brothers and their families during time of illness and/or death.


ASSAULT ON ILLITERACY: Chairman Cornelius Flood

Telephone: (336) 399_0195 Email:
To establish and promote chapter programs to address illiteracy in our communities. Primary focus for the coming year will be to establish the Black History Quiz Bowl among High School Students in Forsyth County.  Encourage all brothers graduate and undergraduate to participate.


AUDIT: Chairman: Larry Watlington, Vice Chair.: Murry Miller 

Telephone – (336)  768-8491  Email: (Larry)

Telephone - (336) ???-???? Email: (Murry) 
It shall be the duty of the Audit Committee to review the financial records of the Chapter’s  Keeper of Records and Seal, the Keeper of Finance and the Assistant Keeper of Finance at the end of each year and submit a report of accountability, with recommendations to the Chapter.


BY-LAWS: Chairman James Franklin Jr.

Telephone – (336) 978-8491 

It shall be the duties of the By-Laws Committee to prepare the Chapter’s By-Laws and present them for approval when deemed necessary.  Such By-Laws may NOT in any way conflict or impugn with the Constitution and By-Laws of the 6th District or the National Fraternity.


COOKOUT: Chairman Everette Dumas

Telephone – (336) 287-2742  Email:

The Cookout Committee shall plan and prepare the annual cookout for the chapter.

FINANCE: Chairman VB Tim Smith

Telephone –(336) 354-8649

(1) It shall, in conjunction with the Executive Committee, prepare an operational budget for the Chapter year taking into account the financial responsibilities of ALL aspects of the Chapter. The committee shall present a balanced budget of receipts and disbursements at year end. 


(2) It shall be the duty of the Finance Committee to review the financial records of the Chapter from month-to-month and to determine the best positioning of funds to yield the best return.


FUNDRAISING: Chairman Cassius Smith

Telephone – (336) 978-3321  Email: 

In conjunction with the Executive Committee, present programs for the acquisition of needed revenue, including the Wake Forest Project, subject to the approval at Chapter Meeting.  The committee is further responsible for the accurate collection and reporting of all chapter funds collected in conjunction with the event.


HISTORY and ARCHIVES: Chairman Galvin Crisp

Telephone – (336) 414-1262   Email:

The members of this committee shall call upon, inquire of, offer assistance to, and encourage brothers and their survivors to give to the Chapter such artifacts and memorabilia as they, in their generosity, may wish the Chapter to have and keep.  The committee shall establish the most appropriate way to store and maintain chapters’ property such as financial data, reports, records, etc.


HOSPITALITY: Chairman Kenneth Francis

Telephone – (336) 608-4754 Email:

The committee is responsible for opening, set up, tear down and closing the meeting facility on the day of scheduled and called Fraternity Meetings.  The committee is also responsible for securing the appropriate beverages for the meeting.


Long Range Planning:
Chairman: Benny Murrill
Telephone- (336) 407-1848 Email:
The Long Range Planning Committee is a new committee responsible for long-range plans to include projects and activities.


MEMBERSHIP: Chairman Charles Hairston

Telephone – (336)    Email:  

The committee is responsible for selecting, training and educating all interested parties on becoming an Omega Man.  They are further responsible for working with the District Membership Selection Chairman and/or his designee throughout the process.  The committee will be responsible for making sure that the brothers are educated on current and future membership selection processes.

NOMINATING: Chairman Jack Monell

Telephone – (336)     Email:

The committee shall be charged with the responsibility of presenting, at the April meeting, a slate of candidates who are qualified and willing to serve as officers of the chapter for the ensuing year.


PUBLIC RELATIONS: Chairman: Ron Travis

Telephone – (336) 345-2948    Email: 

The committee shall publicize the activities of the Chapter in all arms of the media deemed necessary and appropriate to champion the cause of the chapter. The committee shall produce a scrapbook outlining and detailing the chapter activities for the past year.

 : Chairman Kenny Faulkner

Telephone – (336) 978-0489    Email:

Shall be charged with reclaiming Brothers and formulating programs for the chapter for this purpose. 


 RETENTION: Chairman Kenny Faulkner

Telephone – (336) 978-0489 

The Retention Committee shall be charged with retaining Brothers in the Chapter and formulating programs for the chapter for this purpose. 


: Co-Chairman(s): Marvin Morgan, James Franklin Sr.

Telephone – (336) 394-4558 Email: (Marvin)

Telephone- (336) 918-7457 Email: (James)
It shall be the duty of the Scholarship Committee: (1)   To prepare detailed regulations, policies and announcements for awards. (2)
   To select young men whose scholarship is noteworthy or economic situation warrants assistance and present same to the Chapter for recognition in the form of monetary awards.

: Co-Chairman(s): Carlos Roseboro, Judge Koregay

Telephone – (336) 881-1267   Email: (Carlos)

Telephone - (336) 486-5558   Email: (Judge) 
Shall, before it enters upon its duties, ascertain the District and National Social Action Program.  The committee then, acting under the aegis of the Executive Committee, shall set forth a program, thereby establishing continuity with the local, district and national programs.  Issues most directly affecting the community in which the Chapter operates shall receive first priority.



SOCIAL: Chairman Vance Cabiness

Telephone – (336) 995-6599    Email:

The committee shall work with the Reclamation and Retention Committees to establish activities to allow the brothers and the quettes more opportunities to get to know each other.



85th Anniversary Celebration: Chairman: Quentin Wheeler

Telephone – (619) 227-5655   Email:

The committee shall plan, promote and implement a spring dance.  The committee will be responsible for collecting and reporting all funds collected and disbursed for the event.



 TALENT HUNT :Chairman: Emory Jones  

Telephone – (336) 655-1019

The Talent Hunt Committee shall organize and develop the Chapter’s Talent Hunt Demonstration from talent in the local community and be responsible for the presenting the winner of the Chapter’s competition to the District Talent Hunt Committee.


TECHNOLOGY: Chairman: Wayne Hosch

Telephone – (336)407-4076   Email:          

Continue to support and assist the Chapter thru technology with timely relay of information.  Maintain and development of Chapters website.


UNDERGRADUATE ADVISOR: Chairman: Dr. Azeez Aileru   

 Telephone – (336) 403-5062    Email:
Serve as a liaison officer, supervisor, counselor, mentor and role model to the members of undergraduate chapter at Winston-Salem State University and to cultivate undergraduate brothers into mature, responsible and professional Omega men.




Rev. 10/11/2016


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